About Us

Filipinos are known for being hospitable and friendly. It is no surprise then that they tend to bring the same warmth to wherever they set foot and whoever they meet. They help spread Philippine culture to every corner of the world, and at the same time help them bring “home” to wherever they are.

Being outside the Philippines exposes them to new environments, languages and cultures, and Filipinos must adapt and learn from these new experiences. While these profoundly shape the Filipino identity, deep down they remain mindful of and connected to their roots, and this phenomenon then brings about a celebration of Philippine culture that is unique and meaningful at the same time.

Filshopper.com aims to be at the heart of this celebration – our aim is to enable every Filipino overseas to stay in touch with their roots, their culture, their heritage, across all borders – we want to share that unique Filipino story and experience and make it part of your own. Whether it be in food, seasonal goods, travel, we help Filipinos bring “home” to wherever they are and promote the warmth and beauty of Philippine culture and share this with the world.

Welcome to Filshopper.com – your one-stop shop and marketplace for Philippine products!